Monday, June 29, 2009

New. (Release.) Tuesday.

Tomorrow (The New Release Day) will see Wilco release its brand-spanking new record, Wilco (The Album). Decatur (CD) is so hyped about it that we'll be celebrating by giving away Wilco goodies (Thanks, Warner Brothers/Nonesuch!) and beer at 6pm (Tuesday evening). Stop by and hang out with us. It will be (fun). Meanwhile, our friends at Sony are putting out a batch of Woodstock commemorative releases that each come with a classic album from a Woodstock artist (see below) paired with said artist's Woodstock performance. (Not bad, huh?) We'll be giving away tickets (Thanks, Sony!) to the screening of Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music on July 9th at the Fox Theatre, not to mention Woodstock lithographs. (Awesome.) All this without mentioning the bevy of quality stuff that also comes out tomorrow. My oh my. Have a look at the releases (and we'll see you soon):

Sly & the Family Stone (Woodstock)
Janis Joplin (Woodstock)
Jefferson Airplane (Woodstock)
Santana (Woodstock)
Johnny Winter (Woodstock)
Levon Helm
Björk (live/DVD/box/etc.)
Beck (remastered)
Albert King/Stevie Ray Vaughan
Rob Thomas
Ted Nugent (live!!!)
Brad Paisley
Whitesnake (reissue)
Tanya Tucker
...and more!



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