Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meat Puppets photos and wrap-up

We'll be the first to admit we've had Meat Puppets fever the last few weeks. But hey, can you blame us? They were fantastic Tuesday night! Just ask Twitter, which was all abuzz with both words and photos and more words and more photos (with dogs!) before, during and after the performance. It's nights like these where you have to appreciate the real-time obsessive nature of social-networking sites. Thanks to all who posted, and remember you can follow us @DecaturCD.

Meanwhile, the tireless chroniclers over at inDECATUR shot some video footage and paired it with a nifty photo slideshow. Have a look and be sure to visit inDECATUR for some comprehensive local blogger coverage of the little town DCD calls home:

In related news, our friends at PAWS Atlanta took home a fat wad of cash thanks to our many generous customers. And we can't round things out without mentioning Twain's, who brought a keg filled with delicious Heaven for Climate Golden Ale (A beer they describe thusly: "Pouring a beautiful gold color, with light malt and hop nose. Clean and dry. A refreshing ale for all tastes.") for all of the 21+ set to enjoy. A keg that was promptly emptied in just shy of an hour. (You animals!) Many thanks, again, to Twain's. Go visit them and try the many brews they craft right here in Decatur.

Oh yeah, and the music! The Pups covered a wide breadth of their career in the span of about 50 minutes or so, mixing in new jams from their just-released Sewn Together alongside classics like "Lake of Fire" and the glorious "Backwater." Suffice it to say, they totally still got it; no question about that. We can say in all honesty and without exaggeration that it was one of the best DCD events in the store's five and a half year history. Thanks to the band, the folks who packed the place, OK Productions for helping initiate contact on this event, Davis for lending his drum kit, Richard Parsons for the vocal microphone and always-friendly helping hand, and of course, PAWS and Twain's. We're gushing, we realize, but we just can't help ourselves.

Finally, we took loads of photos, which you can see below. Remember, you can click to enlarge if you want to plaster them all over your desktop, walls and so on. Also, there are even more photos here. Enjoy:

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Another acoustic video (backwater) here:

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