Saturday, February 07, 2009

Decatur CD's Upcoming Show Guide - February

New month, new show guide, y'all. In fact, new rule! In addition to the awesome, month-long list of shows below, we're adding a Very Special & Totally Official Decatur CD Recommendation System in which each member of Decatur CD's Very Special & Totally Official Recommendations Board selects a show or three to shout-out specifically. The VS&TODCDR shows will be denoted as follows:

W = a Warren recommendation
A = an Austin recommendation
E = a Young Eliot recommendation

Make sense? Enjoy the show guide, and if you're heading out to The EARL to see the most-hilarious Patton Oswalt tonight, say hello to Warren and Austin, who will be there laughing it up as well.

TONIGHT - Patton Oswalt @ The EARL (two shows! both sold out!) - A
TONIGHT - The Fleshtones, Anna Kramer, Tiger! Tiger! @ Star Bar
TONIGHT - Webb Wilder @ Smith's Olde Bar
TONIGHT - Pierce Pettis, Paul Burch @ Eddie's Attic
February 8th - Antony and the Johnsons @ Variety Playhouse - A
February 10th - Oliver Wood, Pieta Brown @ Eddie's Attic
February 11th - The Coathangers, Sea Lions, Cars Can Be Blue @ Star Bar
February 12th - Zoroaster, Chopper, Gripplayz, Thunderkatz @ Drunken Unicorn - E
February 12th - Derek Lyn Plastic, The Electric Cycles, more @ Star Bar - E
February 13th - Tyler Ramsey (of Band of Horses) @ The EARL
February 13th - Gary Louris and Mark Olson @ Eddie's Attic - W
February 13th - The N.E.C., All the Saints @ Star Bar
February 14th - Judi Chicago, The Selmanaires @ Star Bar - A
February 15th - Stomp & Stammer Rock 'n' Roll Movie Night @ Java Lords
February 18th - Jason Isbell @ The EARL
February 18th - The Coathangers @ Star Bar
February 18th - Dale Watson, Slim Chance and the Convicts @ Smith's Olde Bar
February 19th - Umphrey's McGee @ Variety Playhouse
February 21st - Noot D'Noot and Dark Meat @ The EARL
February 21st - Untied States, Ominous Castle @ Drunken Unicorn - E
February 22nd - Brightblack Morning Light @ The EARL
February 22nd - Michael Franti @ Variety Playhouse
February 24th - Marah @ Smith's Olde Bar
Febaruary 24th - ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead @ The EARL
February 25th - The Delta Spirit, Other Lives, Dawes @ Drunken Unicorn
February 25th - Delta Moon w/ special guests @ Smith's Olde Bar
February 27th - Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse @ Variety Playhouse - WAE
February 27th - Robin Williams @ The Fox Theatre - W
February 27th - Dark Meat, American Cheeseburger, GG Kings, The Customers more @ Star Bar - E
February 27th - Ben Folds @ The Tabernacle
February 27th - Loudon Wainwright III @ Eddie's Attic - W
February 28th - Rebirth Brass Band @ Smith's Olde Bar
February 28th - Lucinda Williams @ The Tabernacle - W
February 28th - Scion Rock Fest @ Masquerade Music Park - A



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