Monday, November 12, 2007

New. Release. Tuesday.

We're still reeling from the busiest birthday weekend EVER (more photos to come), but then we remembered that new music comes out tomorrow. New music that includes that fella above, James "LCD Soundsystem" Murphy, whose Nike-commissioned 45:33 finally finds proper CD release this week. Oh, but there's more. Check out the list:

LCD Soundsystem
Alicia Keys
Led Zeppelin (reissues)
Os Mutantes (live)
The Killers (b-sides/covers/rarities)
Robyn Hitchcock (reissues + box set)
Goo Goo Dolls (best)
The Hives
Vashti Bunyan (reissue)
Dane Cook
Danzig (reissues)
Duran Duran
Richard Cheese
Dillinger Escape Plan
...and more!

Holler at us if you're lookin' for something in particular.



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