Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New. Release. Tuesday.

Phew. Things are hectic, which is why our usual new-release guide is just a tad late this week. Normally, we like to give you a minor heads-up as to what's coming out, but with Peter Case (photos coming later in the week - stay tuned!) and the holiday and all, well, enough of our excuses. Have a look at the precious few notable artists that delivered new music to Decatur CD today:

The Coathangers (Atlanta's own)
Manu Chao (the Latin legend returns)
Albert Ayler/Don Cherry (live)
Ted Nugent (The Nuge is like a cockroach.)
Pink Floyd (reissue)
Bud Powell (live)
Megadeth (live)
...and more!

Look forward to more from us very soon.



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