Monday, August 20, 2007

New release Tuesday - 8/21/07

Tomorrow is a pretty solid release day. It's as if the second half of August feels guilty about a weaker-than-usual first half, so it's making it up for it in the final two Tuesdays. Take a look at this artist list and we'll see you tomorrow:

Over the Rhine
Architecture in Helsinki
Miles Davis (remixes EP)
New Pornographers
Dizzy Gillespie (live)
Travis Morrison
Talib Kweli
Minus the Bear
Imperial Teen
Peter Brötzmann
The Rascals (reissues)
Rilo Kiley
Josh Ritter
Tegan and Sara
Lil Wayne/T.I.
Thelonious Monk (live)
The Mendoza Line (retrospective)
...and more!

Let us know what you need. Decatur CD satisfies. Great taste, less filling!



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