Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer of Love party - this Friday!

Above: Bublé is psyched.

This Friday, folks. July 6th. That's when you had better get yourselves here, as we have quite an event. Starting around 7pm on Friday night, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, we'll have free beer (for those of age, natch), a sale on select Rhino (the evening's sponsor...thanks, Rhino!) and psych-esque titles and a special in-store performance from a local Yardbirds tribute band. These guys call themselves The Back Yardbirds, and let us tell you, they're fantastic. Here's what Warren had to say about the group after seeing them at a recent gig:

"They're all excellent musicians. Just excellent. People were dancing their asses off. The guitar player is unreal. Everything about them is just straight on. If you didn't know the Yardbirds and this was your first exposure to their music, you'd think the Back Yardbirds wrote these songs. They're that good."

Phew. Sounds fun, right? We can't wait. So that's the scoop, then. This Friday, July 6th, free beer, a special sale and a fantastic in-store performance. We'll even offer extra savings to folks who decide to dress as if we were currently living during the original Summer of Love. Do your best, and we'll happily reward your efforts. See you then!

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