Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Decatur CD's Year End List Extravaganza Part 1 of 5

To quote the Cranberries, everybody else is doing it, so why can't we? Indeed, today kicks off the first portion of our five-part series creatively titled The Decatur CD Best Of 2006 Year-End List Extravaganza. We begin with the rookie, Eliot. A studious (and quite tall) young lad currently attending Emory University, Eliot enjoys long walks on the beach, combing his ample hair and listening to lots of what the kids like to call "the freak folk." His top 25 albums of 2006 go a little something like this:

1. Acid Mothers Gong - Live in Nagoya
2. Josephine Foster - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
3. Six Organs of Admittance - Sun Awakens
4. Howlin' Rain - Howlin' Rain
5. Tom Ze - Estudando O Pagode
6. K-Rino - Time Traveler
7. Nomo - New Tones
8. Yo La Tengo - I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
9. Keiji Haino & Yoshida Tatsuya - New Rap
10. Charalambides - Vintage Burden
11. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale
12. Keith Rowe & Toshimaru Nakamura - Between
13. Comets on Fire - Avatar
14. Akron/Family - Meek Warrior
15. Acid Mothers Temple - Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky
16. Scott Walker - The Drift
17. Mammatus - Mammatus
18. James Kochalka Superstar - Spread Your Evil Wings & Fly
19. Art Ensemble Chicago - Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at Iridium
20. The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America
21. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
22. Lisa Germano - In the Maybe World
23. Joanna Newsom - Ys
24. Function - The Secret Miracle Foundation
25. Small-Framed Boy - Small-Framed Boy

Eliot welcomes your comments. Leave them below. And feel free to chime in at any time with any of your favorites from the past year. Stay tuned also, because tomorrow we shall return with Part 2 - Kerry's list!


At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eliot as your favorite male cousin might i suggest a gem of a record from a little known outfit.
"A Fever You Can't Sweat Out"-Panic! at the Disco.
I'm not sure Decatur CD is in the know enough to carry such quality music but there's a radical best buy nearby that probably has 50 copies or so. I guarantee your list will change with one listen.


At 5:07 PM, Blogger The Security Chicken said...

A wise guy, eh? You'll get yours, Rory...


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